"Winter Defense" Kampfgruppe von Abt Diorama December 2nd 2006
This is our second winter diorama of 2006. We started off with a small idea gleaned from a model magazine, but ended up digging many meters of earthworks. So many, we almost ran out of time! So photographs are a little fewer in number than ideal, and some aspects of the diorama are missing altogether. That aside, I hope you agree the photo shoot produced some memorable results. If you enjoy this latest photo set, pop along to Tim or Vince's Smugmug photo galleries for more. Click HERE or on the picture to see my photo set of the day.



A cold winter evening on the Eastern front. As the light fails a shot rings out. Desperately the men of Kampfgruppe Saar run to their defensive positions. As the snow fall changes to sleet, the cold and tired troops fight to hold off another tide of Ivans.

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