"Zurück von der Front" Kampfgruppe von Abt Diorama February 3rd 2007

This is our first diorama of 2007. In this scene titled “Zurück von der Front” (Back from the Front) a German transport train has halted at a stop not too far from the Eastern Front. Troops are heading home on "furlong" for rest. Vital equipment and ammunition is unloaded, an Armoured train keeps guard on the upper line whilst a smaller Loco transports some non-essential supplies around the yard.

This was a troublesome photo shoot for me, as I lost most of my images due to a crashed memory card. Moral? Don't buy cheap memory cards! So, if you want to see far larger photo sets of this exciting diorama, pop along to Tim or Vince's photo galleries for more.

Peter produced for us, as always, the most magnificent railway models. With Tim and Vince's figures and smaller vehicles the scene came to life. Fortunately there was quite a crew for this shoot, including new comer Dirk, and Paul, returned from his globe trotting. It was a full day's work, and we finished - again - clearing the set in the pitch black of a chilly winter's evening.

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"Zurück von der Front"
A cold winter's morning. Tired and weary from long hard months on the front, a few soldiers stir themselves to watch the scene outside. The Flak crew get an ear bashing for not paying more attention, whilst a few guards on the ground keep a watchful eye on the troops loading supplies onto the train. A lucky few men enjoy a hot cup of Ersatz coffee to try and warm their freezing bones.
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Behind the Scenes
Here's the full crew. Click on the picture for some behind the scenes photos.
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