This is Kampfgruppe von Abt's last major diorama for 2006. The days are drawing in, and setups like this take too long to manage for a short English winter day. I hope you like it. Click on the picture for the photo gallery.

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This is the team, from left to right Tim, Mark, Hugh, Hr. Direktor Vince, Der Fuehrer and provider of the models, and the scene, Peter, and myself. Last to the right is Robin, an occasional helper.

The Germans learned the hard way just how destructive an air strike from a Rocket armed Hawker Typhoon could be, armed with four "60 lb" RP-3 rockets under each wing, they earned the suitable nickname "Rocketphoons". The rockets (backed by the Typhoon's four 20 mm cannon) proved highly effective against many targets, such as unarmoured "soft-skinned" vehicles, road transport, trains and small sea craft.

We decided to make use of such a destructive power in our latest "Kampfgruppe von Abt" photo shoot, I hope you enjoy.

The standard German Loco, type "52" was a common sight on most European railways during the war years and was used to carry all sorts of much needed equipment to the front, as can be seen below a few not so legitimate looted items also found themselves transported across Europe. Plus, in amongst the wreckage are a few items discovered which were not destined for the front!

The Loco show here has suffered almost three direct strikes, one of which has knocked the train off it's tracks, the other has badly damaged the tracks in front of the train and the third has blown the mighty Tiger tank off it's flatbed carriage.

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