Luftflotte von Abt Diorama September 2006

This is our most recent diorama. When I say "our" I had best introduce the team. I am a member of a select group (!) of 1/6th scale modeling enthusiasts. I am not 100% sure what I bring to the team other than a few grotty jokes and some dodgy photos. The majority of the ground work is carried out by Peter Shaw, our site host and model maker extraordinary, and Vince Abbott, Hr Direcktor. Vince is a supreme detail modeler and a professional engineer. Between Peter and Vince we are never short of ideas or instructions! Another key part of the team is Tim Catton. He is also a detail supremo. Both Tim and Vince manufacture 1/6th scale parts. You can find an example of Tim's products by clicking here, and Vince's products by clicking here. Also part of the team are Mark "no smoke" Winter, and Hugh "no bacon rolls" Abbott, Vince's dad. Not to be missed out are Paul Richardson, master figure poseur, and our most recent member, John Besant. I hope you enjoy the results of our endeavors as much as we enjoy producing them. Our team has a name - Kampfgruppe VonAbt - which you will see more of in the future. I hope you enjoy this latest photo set, pop along to the SAG forum to Vince's photos set, to the MDFC forum to see Tim's photo set, or to Tim or Vince's Smugmug photo galleries. Click HERE or on the picture to see my photo set of the day.

Click to trip

For this photo shoot Peter provided the air fleet, the air control tower, and the excellent scratch built Messerschmitt DB605 engine. Vince and Tim supplied most of the figures, Vince also brought along his amazing Blitz plus other vehicles, and we all supplied tents and detail parts.

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