Here you will find a link to all the dioramas I have been involved with. Looking back at some of the early efforts it's easy to see how much we have progressed over the years. Since 2006 the dioramas have been the work of the Kampfgruppe von Abt team. The majority of the ground work is carried out by Peter Shaw, our site host and model maker extraordinary, and Vince Abbott, Hr Direcktor. Vince is a supreme detail modeler and a professional engineer. Between Peter and Vince we are never short of ideas or instructions! Another key part of the team is Tim Catton. He is also a detail supremo. Both Tim and Vince manufacture 1/6th scale parts. You can find an example of Tim's products by clicking here, and Vince's products by clicking here. Also part of the team are Mark "no smoke" Winter, and Hugh "no bacon rolls" Abbott, Vince's dad. Not to be missed out are Paul Richardson, master figure poseur, and our most recent member, John Besant. I hope you enjoy the results of our endeavors as much as we enjoy producing them.

Click on the thumbnail to view a diorama. Some of the diorama photo sets will open in a new window.

2007 Dioramas
"Zurück von der Front" diorama February 2007
"Zurück von der Front"
60cm Mörser Karl - Gerät 040 "Ziu"
Class 52 and Mörser Karl
2006 Dioramas
January 2006 February 2006 March 2006
France 1944
Stuck in The Mud
Tank Riders
April 2006 May 2006 July 2006
Maintenance Stop
Siebel Ferry
August 2006 September 2006 October 2006
Class 52
Luftflotte von Abt
Typhoon Airstrike
October 2006   December 2006
Winter March
Winter Defense
Older Dioramas
October 2004 June 2005 September 2005

Turret Change

Armoured Train

T34 Shoot & Burning Tiger
September 2005 November 2005 December 2005
Maus Attack
Nebelwerfer / sdkfz 250 / Tiger
Mount Up

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